Mother Earth nurtures its grassroots, giving it just enough and trusting it to grow. Digital Grassroots projects connect with seedlings as ideas and watch these ideas sprout forth to replenish our communities internet health. LEARN MORE


Knowledge is courage. Our inner bravery stems critical literacy from the inner truth of who we are. Digital Grassroots courses enable learners to dive into the world of internet governance and digital citizenship. LEARN MORE


There is a balance in nature, a healthy codependent relationship, and each one looking out for the other. Digital Grassroots community tools are responsive to the needs of the people we serve, and we co-create to build a healthy virtual reality. LEARN MORE


Digital Grassroots fosters community engagement in Internet Governance through a global youth network thereby encouraging Internet innovation, reducing digital inequalities between genders and rural-urban disparities, and giving youth, the digital natives, control of the future we want—our digital future and that of future generations.

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Community Leader 

Norman Angel

The program was life changing for me in  understanding internet health issues. The learner-centered mode made it very interactive.”

Mahum Tariq


Mahum Tariq

“A wonderful program, and a great way to uplift  communities. This program enables youth in the Internet Governance ecosystem nationally and globally.

Su Sonia Herring


Su Sonia Herring

“Kudos on the entire initiative and program, it is much better than some long running, big budget fellowship or programs in this field. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Digital Grassroots at Internet Governance Forum Geneva