Our People

Our work is not possible without the daring group of young people who put their heart, youth, and skills into Digital Grassroots.

Our Objectives


Engage youth in internet governance


Connect grassroots communities to institutions that enhance their autonomy in digital citizenship


Create services that respond to the digital needs of underserved communities

Leadership Team

Uffa Modey

Uffa is the core curator of the organization structure of Digital Grassroots. As Global Lead, she leads the Board of Directors and ensures a fluid organizational workflow. She innovates to include grassroots youth in telecommunication infrastructure, standards and policy development. Follow her @Fafa416

Esther Mwema

Esther’s vision for Digital Grassroots has propelled the organization to reach to the most underrepresented even within the context of digital inequalities. She offers a human-centered approach to technology, in such a way that the focus remains on people through digital rights. Follow her @hadassahlouis


As Community Leaders Program Coordinator, he sets the program timelines, coordinates the program resources (i.e. trainers, mentors). He is the point of contact for Community Leaders engagement Follow him @anormanangel


Support for Digital Grassroots online platforms. Internet Evangineer, involded in Internet governance, Wikimedia, IoT, cybersecurity, Photonics and digital broadcasting, Computer science and telecommunications Follow him @rachadsanoussi

Our Ethos

Digital Grassroots vision and core values are of care, intention, collaboration, open leadership and equity. 


Bold foliage Digital Grassroots


We are empathetic, respectful and kind to each other

We value the welfare of individuals and communities we work with


We prioritize quality over quantity

All our activities respond to our mission values


We practice a bottom-up approach in our activities

We prioritize the voices of young people in underrepresented spaces


We practice open leadership principles 

We are impartial in principles, processes, and rules


We are intersectional in our responses to meet the needs of digitally invisible groups

We don’t separate digital inequalities from its socio-political framework

DIGRA Cofounders

Bolutife Adisa, Brian Nkala, Charlette N’Guessan, Dajana Mulaj, Esther Mwema, Wathagi Ndungu, Katie Watson, Noha Ashraf, Rebecca Ryakitimbo, Sindy Obed, Uffa Modey 

And first peer supporters: Adja Sembene, Kyristis Charalampos

Our Latest News

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DIGRA Virtual Community Chill

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i want to do that too

I Want To Do That Too!

On October 27 of 2019, DIGRA President Esther Mwema and Vice President Uffa Modey hosted the session “I Want To Do That Too!” at 2019 MozFest. The session participants created a collectively written o...

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