Cohort 3

 03 September – 26 October 2018

To connect native French speaking youth to our Ambassadors program, this cohort of the program was hosted entirely in French. Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program introduces youth from underrepresented communities to internet governance issues and provides a pathway for the youth to engage their local community on activities that promote digital citizenship. Through the program mentorship, participants leverage connections with internet governance experts and learn how to contribute to shaping internet policies as newcomers.

Project Leads

Esther Mwema

Esther Mwema


Noha Ashraf

Noha Ashraf


Joy Wathagi Ndungu

Wathagi Ndungu



  • Build a positive narrative on youth participation in Internet governance
  • Engage youth in resolving internet related problems at community level 
  • Introduce youth to participation in Internet governance through mentorship


  • Translated the 4 weeks online internet literacy course focused on capacity building for youth, using the Internet media, on three main themes: Internet for Security, Internet for Social Life and Internet for Economy 
  • Engaged 21 youth program participants (13 female and 8 male)  from 8 countries
  • Connected each program participant to an industry expert for 4 weeks of mentorship to enable their participation in both global and local Internet governance processes.


  • To engage youth in Internet governance



Abdel Gaffar OURO-AGORO, Togo

AGNOUN BASSO Rabi Mars-Arès  V. K, Bénin

Atsain Marie Karelle Astrid, Côte D’Ivoire

BALH Dieuveil Loïc, République du Congo

Cloiseau Dedlyne, Haiti

Djenane Madona Baptiste, Haïti

EGAH Yao Amen Nino, Togo

Francisque Abigaël Guirlande, Haïti


IRAMBONA Yves Prudent, Burundi

Jean Evenson, Haïti

Jeff Ricardo MARCELLUS, Haïti

Katiana Antoine, Haïti


MONTREUIL Kindy Vereus, Haïti

Ndèye Mindiss NDOUR, Sénégal

Nicolas Eberline, Haïti

Rose Edmana Fiderlie RAYMOND, Haïti

Touré Nanklan Grâce, Côte d’Ivoire

Yawovi AGBODAZE, Togo

ZOH Aubin, Côte d’Ivoire


Digital Grassroots collaborated with our French speaking community members to provide learning support to the participant throughout the online course phase of the program.


Thank you to the following trainers for your dedication in enabling community engagement on internet governance for our ambassadors


Abdoulaye Kone, Côte d’Ivoire 

Charlette Desire, Côte d’Ivoire 

Cynthia Kelly Kaze, Burundi

Daana ROC, Haiti

Mackenson Vernet, Haiti

Noha Ashraf, Egypt

Raphael Bélizaire, Haiti


Digital Grassroots collaborated with French speaking internet governance experts from 5 countries to provide mentorship for the program participants as they become newcomers in the global internet governance ecosystem.


Thank you to the following experts for supporting their internet governance participation.


Abdrahamane Samba SIDIBE, Mali

Adja Maty Sembene, Senegal

Bakary KOUYATE, Mali

Boniface Lamah, Guinée

Daly Hamady DIALLO, Mali

Jean Baptiste MILLOGO, Haiti

Obed Sindy, Haiti

SAWADOGO Zakaria, Burkina Faso


Thank you to the following Digital Grassroots Cofounders for providing English to French translations for all the materials used in this program


Obed Sindy

Charlette Desire