5 Years of Building Future Internet Leaders: DIGRA Impact Report

By Muhammed Bello Buhari


Today is a big day for us here at Digital Grassroots!


We are excited to announce the release of our 5-year Impact Report, celebrating the great work that we’ve carried out over the course of our five years of existence in building future internet leaders by proactively engaging over 230 young people from underrepresented communities in over 65 countries globally while cumulatively facilitating over 190 community engagement projects in addressing internet-related issues in their communities through digital literacy, networking, and activism.


This 5-year Impact Report chronicles Digital Grassroots’ journey of increasing digital citizenship on Internet governance and digital rights among youth from underrepresented communities globally from inception in December 2017 till date. It highlights our inception stories; program offerings and how we have evolved over the years; reach and impact; young people and initiatives supported; mentors supporting our programs; partners collaborating, and various stakeholders enabling their work. It shows how we focus our actions on impact for a digital world that is inclusive, rights-respecting, and useful to all. It also demonstrates our desire to measure, in a concrete and continuous way, the impact of our actions on shaping the digital landscape for youth by youth, in connection with our ecosystem.


235 youths directly engaged in 67 countries across the world and 30 languages represented. 197 community engagement projects from 11 programs. 70 mentors and 32 trainers around the globe. This is a glimpse of what 5 years of Digital Grassroots look like in numbers. How do you translate such numbers into tangible impact? Do these results contribute to this healthier and more inclusive internet we’re committed to, and the Digital Grassroots team gets up for every day? All of Digital Grassroots’ results are featured in the Impact Report, showing the impact made from the start in 2017 to December 2022.


Finally, this report goes beyond numbers and shares stories from across the DIGRA community that demonstrate how connecting with our activities and diverse network of individuals and organisations, has impacted their personal and professional lives. We hope you enjoy reading our Impact Report. We are unstoppable together! 


Dive In: Read the report here or download the PDF below.