Ambassadors Program Mini-Hackathon

Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program provides a soft landing introduction to internet governance and digital rights issues for youth from underrepresented regions. However, as digital technologies and human lives evolve daily, the program content needs to be constantly updated in order to keep up with the trends and challenges faced by our vibrant community.


The 3-day Ambassadors Program Mini-Hackathon was an open event that created a platform for everyone concerned about internet technology to review the DIGRA Internet Literacy Course content and provide insight into relevant information that should be included in the course in order to make it more impactful and relatable to underserved youth.

Meet the Expert Moderators

  • DGRA hackathon expert moderator 1
  • DIGRA hackathon expert moderator 2


  1. Day 1 – meeting recording
  2. Day 2 – meeting recording
  3. Day 3 – meeting recording
  4. AP mini-hackathon resource directory

What next?

Special thanks to our amazing community members who joined us for this 3-days activity and shared their valuable insights and knowledge with us.


The outcomes of this hackathon will be updated in the next version of the DIGRA ILC and made openly accessible by the community.


Do you have ideas, comments, or questions about how we can make this activity bigger and better? Would you like to contribute to this hackathon in the future? If yes, we will love to hear from you. Please reach out to Team DIGRA via email.