Apply for Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program Cohort 5

Digital Grassroots is a youth-led organization aimed at increasing digital citizenship among youth from underrepresented regions.


The fifth cohort of our Digital Grassroots Ambassador program enables the ambassadors to analyze internet and digital rights issues in their communities. The program accomplishes the following goals:
1. Build a positive narrative on youth participation in Internet Governance
2. Engage youth in resolving internet related problems at the community level
3. Introduce youth to participate in Internet Governance through mentorship
4. Use Internet Literacy as a tool to accomplish SDGs 4, 5, 10, 16, 17


The Digital Grassroots Ambassador program will include:
1. 4 weeks Internet Literacy online coursework tailored to address key internet and digital rights issues in local communities
2. A community engagement activity that will be done by selected Ambassadors; This would involve training a group of other people (minimum of ten) using the ILC coursework, and submitting a picture proof and report on the activities carried out
3. A 4-week mentorship program with a mentor to induct Ambassadors to Youth Participation in Internet Governance


Successful Ambassadors will receive a certificate at the end of the program, an opportunity to share success stories and write articles related to the internet on our website, forum, and social platforms, an exclusive mentorship program on how to engage as a youth in Internet Governance, as well as an opportunity to join the core team in a given capacity.


Selection Criteria

• Between 14 and 29 years old in 2021
• Interested in using the internet as a tool for social good and development
• Community Centred individual passionate about sharing information
• Applications are encouraged from persons from regions facing internet-related challenges including access problems.
• You do not need prior experience in Internet Governance to participate


Program timeline
– Applications Open – 6 August 2021
– 30 minutes DIGRA Ambassadors application guidance webinar – 10 AM UTC 13 August 2021 (register to join here)
– Application close – 20 August 2021
– Program start – 6 September 2021