Global Culture and Heritage Space at MozFest 2021

Have you ever wondered who we are, where we come from, and where are we going? We each carry with us our own culture which shapes our everyday lives and perspectives. Our paths converge on the internet: a digital space for preserving history, celebrating heritage, and learning what we share and what makes us unique. The Global Culture and Heritage Space at MozFest is a welcoming space for diverse people to bask in their heritage and share tips on how they’ve created dynamic cultural communities – both online and in-person.


MozFest 2021 tickets are live now and we would like to invite you to join us in the Global Culture and Heritage Space.


Why Global Culture And Heritage?

Are you looking to spice up your work and make it more accommodating and inclusive of others? MozFest has always provided a unique platform for technologies, governments, small and big tech companies, and everyday internet users to converge for electrifying activities that build trustworthy AI and shape a healthy internet. This year, it’s time to re-discover and map the paths of our culture and heritage at this collaborative festival. The Global Culture and Heritage Space will empower us to think critically about which cultures are not widely recognized and how to connect with other ways from different walks of life from our own.

Who Should Attend Global Culture And Heritage Sessions and Events?

This Space is open to everyone who would like to share their cultural experience as it affects their community and those who are interested in discussing solutions to problematic societal and cultural norms that influence the digital space. Bring your home culture to MozFest through the many exciting festival experiences hosted within this Space. Participants will learn more about the importance of global cultural considerations – both online and offline – while developing trustworthy AI. The Global Culture and Heritage Space will also explore digital inclusion issues faced by minority cultures, sharing important bits of their culture that require support from all of us to preserve their heritage through modern-day tech.

Meet The Space Wranglers

Global Culture and Heritage Space Wranglers at MozFest 2021

Global Culture and Heritage Space Wranglers at MozFest 2021