Read the Report: DIGRA Ambassadors Program

The Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program has always been a firm foundation of our work, as we aim to provide skills and knowledge for emerging digital leaders to enable them to address digital issues on a community level and actively participate in Internet Governance. Up to now, we have been able to implement 5 editions of the program, which reached almost 200 participants from more than 30 countries. Throughout the years that the program has been running, one of our main objectives has been making sure that the content of the Internet literacy course, which forms the basis of the program, provides a relevant and hands-on learning experience that participants can directly apply to their community projects. We also try to ensure that participants have an enabling environment to learn from experts in the digital space. That is why each cohort in our program also features a variety of digital activists and professionals that bring their unique experiences and expertise to the program as trainers and mentors, assisting ambassadors in their learning journey and project development.

This report highlights the main facts and figures about the program as well as documents in detail the latest edition of the program, which took place from September – November 2021. It also spotlights some of the projects that our ambassadors developed and executed during or after the program. These projects reflect the range of topics the participants chose to address and emphasize a diversity of paths in digital activism that our ambassadors take to build a better digital future for their communities.

We hope you will enjoy the publication!