Sharing Perspectives from Underrepresented Communities on Internet Inclusion and Governance

What challenges do youth from underrepresented communities face in developing global policy for ICT  and digital technology and what opportunities exist for their inclusion? 

In the next 5 minutes, we will like to hear your youth voice on;

How can youth learn about core internet principles relating to openness, privacy, security, inclusion, and decentralization? 

How can youth contribute to global policy development that shape our digital future? 

What role do internet stakeholder organizations have to play in promoting digital literacy for internet governance among youth? 


The outcomes of this survey will feed into our organizational research for young people from underrepresented communities globally to relay  their concerns and aspirations on how to impactfully engage internet governance issues.

To be presented at RightsCon Online 2020.


Kindly complete by 24 JULY 2020