Young Women Leading Technology and Innovation Youth Roundtable

The ‘Young Women Leading Tech and Innovation’ was a youth roundtable hosted by the Generation Equality Action Leaders Digital Grassroots on 27th January 2021. The 90-minute session was attended by over 190 participants from at least 30 countries across the globe. It featured four keynote speakers who brought their perspectives to four key priority areas of the Action Coalition for Technology and Innovation:


  • Valentina Muñoz Rabanal (Chile), Programmer and president of AMUJI, talked about the development of gender-transformative tech solutions.
  • Somaya Faruqi (Afghanistan), Leader of the Afghan Girls Robotic Team, talked about bridging the gender gap in digital access and literacy.
  • Jianne Soriano (Hong Kong), Advocate for Women and Ethnic Minorities, Youth4IG Outreach Lead, talked about building safe digital spaces for women, free from abuse.
  • Charlette N’Guessan (Ivory Coast), CEO of BACE Group, talked about building inclusive innovation ecosystems.


The youth roundtable opened with Audrey Fontaine, a member of the Generation Equality Youth Task Force. Representatives from Digital Grassroots, Uffa Modey, and Esther Mwema, gave opening and closing remarks, and Anouchka Dybal (Action Coalitions Secretariat, UN
Women) moderated the session.


The roundtable was built as an interactive dialogue which provided participants with the opportunity to share their views and react to the speakers’ inspiring statements.