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i want to do that too open letter (1)

Our ambassadors from Cohort 1 and 2 spoke and we listened! Youth Resolutions on Internet Governance communique spotlights youth messages on challenges and recommendations faced as they use the network.

DIGRA year book

DIGRA Yearbook highlights engagement efforts by our community members as they navigate through global and local conferences, meetups, and other activities that relate to developing a secure, inclusive and open internet.

Digital Rights Monopoly

Digital Rights Monopoly is a simulation of the Monopoly game based on internet governance and digital rights issues affecting marginalized regions. This version of web literacy engages the players in a game to recognize global internet issues by bringing to light the work Digital Grassroots is doing to bring internet governance to people across the globe.

i want to do that too open letter (2)

I Want To Do That Too open letter raises awareness on the challenges for inclusion in our digital future. It speaks to all global citizens and highlights scenarios where new and emerging technologies have failed to promote the inclusion of underrepresented groups.