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Internet Literacy


The Digital Grassroots Internet Literacy Course will help foster local community engagement in Internet Governance, thereby encouraging Internet innovation, reducing inequalities between genders and rural-urban disparities, and giving youth, the digital natives, control of the future we want—our digital future and that of future generations. 


Digital Grassroots Internet Literacy Course is focused on capacity building of youth, using the Internet media, and offers three main themes: 

> Internet for Security 
> Internet for Social Life 
> Internet for Economy 


Internet Health

Community Leaders for Internet Health by Digital Grassroots (1)

The Community Leaders for Internet Health spotlights internet issues in diverse local community contexts and creates collaboration among local leaders to engage with tools for open campaigning towards Internet Health. 


Community Leaders for Internet Health contains the following modules;

> Introduction to Internet Health

> Open Leadership

> Internet Health Organizing

> Personas and Pathways

>Project Development for Internet Health

Recommended Courses


This Open Leadership Training Series teaches you best practices in “working open” – a way of working where everyone is invited to collaborate on something amazing and any new product or knowledge is shared widely and freely.
This is for anyone starting up or leading open projects– project leads, collaborators, or small groups of co-leaders responsible for project success and growth.

Shaping the Internet – History and Futures

This course provides an overview of Internet governance, touching on key areas such as its history, policy principles, actors and stakeholders, infrastructure, regulatory frameworks, multilingualism, cybersecurity, and others. The course also discusses and analyses the multistakeholder model, examines the developmental aspects of Internet governance, and looks at the collaborative nature of achieving Internet security and resilience.