DRLX Cohort 1

   27 April – 3 June 2022

Digital Rights Learning Exchange is a six-week virtual course led by Digital Grassroots in collaboration with Open Internet for Democracy Initiative. The program provides new entrants in the digital rights space with training and mentorship on leading community engagement projects that address digital rights issues in their communities along such themes as access and affordability, hate speech, freedom of expression, privacy and surveillance.

Program Leads


Esther Mwema



Uffa Modey



Hanna Pishchyk



  • Acquire critical skills and knowledge for conducting effective digital rights advocacy.
  • Build a platform for active cooperation and peer learning among the participants through shared group activities.
  • Receive the guidance of established digital leaders who will serve as program mentors and facilitators.


  • Implemented the 6 weeks online digital rights advocacy course covering topics such as advocacy concepts for civic engagement, communications strategies, data usage, and monitoring & evaluation of advocacy campaigns.
  • Conducted 6 weekly 90-minutes group meetings with industry experts to discuss the course modules and provide insights into the topics from a practical perspective.
  • Engaged 20 participants (10 women, 3 non-binary and 7 men)  from 13 countries, who developed 5 digital rights advocacy projects.
  • Connected each program thematic group to an industry expert for 2 weeks of mentorship.


  • Provide the participants with guidance and advice on designing and implementing their group project.
  • Discuss arising digital rights issues occurring within the participants community in relation to the group project theme.
  • Recommend relevant resources on digital rights advocacy to support the participants community engagement in digital rights.


Alice Joy Chiweza, Malawi

Auma Tamali Shanirah, Uganda

Ayomide Faith Aboyade, Nigeria

Connie Nagiah, South Africa

Derrick Ogot Omondi, Kenya

Diana Bichanga, Kenya

Grace Msauki, Zimbabwe

Gustavo Murillo Velazquez, US/Mexico

Isaac Oghenefejiro Adjerhore, Nigeria

Jameson Pierre-Louis, Haiti

John Maina, Kenya

Jones Okolie, Nigeria

Kal Demissie, Ethiopia

Karen Farisai Mukwasi, Zimbabwe

Namatirayi Charlot, Zimbabwe

Olivier King Sibo, Burundi

Rebecca Achom Adile, Uganda

Richard Mugobo, Zimbabwe

Sibongile Jienifer Mokapane, Lesotho

Tombir Stanley, Cameroon


We would like to recognize all the mentors who played a significant role in the program’s success. Their guidance and feedback were instrumental in assisting participants throughout their campaign development and we are grateful for their contributions. 

We thank all the mentors for their dedicated efforts in supporting the participants and the program: 

Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi, Benin

Bolutife Adisa, Nigeria

David Aragort, Venezuela

Jesse Nathan Kalange, Uganda

Sarah Kiden, Uganda

Guest speakers

The success of any program depends on the expertise and guidance of the people involved. We were fortunate to have the support of several guest speakers who who generously shared their expertise, offering practical guidance and valuable insights. Their contributions played a pivotal role in shaping the participants’ understanding of advocacy and provided them with practical advice. 

We express our sincere gratitude to all guest speakers for their support and guidance: 

Emmanuel Ogu – Founder, Dear Government’ organisation, Nigeria

Gbenga Sesan – Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative, Nigeria

Lourdes Walusala – Radio journalist at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Kenya

Nyamwire Bonnita – Research Manager, Pollicy, Uganda

Rachel Mims – Senior Program Manager for Citizen Participation and Inclusion, National Democratic Institute, U.S.A

Sarah Moulton – Deputy Director for Democracy and Technology, National Democratic Institute, U.S.A

Supported by

Open Internet for Democracy Initiative

Elizabeth Sutterlin

Sarah Moulton